The book is based on the life of Mato Niyanpi and his true personal experiences told as family oral history passed down through generations of his lineal descendants. WARRIOR IS offers an indigenous perspective of the spiritual journey of this human being, and life of the Lakota during the changing times. It encompasses information never before revealed publicly to anyone outside of the immediate family for the past 141 years. WARRIOR IS narrates the events from creation times to weeks after the Greasy Grass Battle. Mato Niyanpi's great grandsons, Harley and Robin Zephier , Mnincoju Lakota tribal members, tell the story of their great-grandfather. Harley Zephier will have on exhibit his works of art that reflect scenes and stories from the book. In addition to the book a Greasy Grass Battle Map will also be available to purchase, which compliments the book. Signed copies available. Greasy Grass Battle Map also available to purchase for $20.00 compliments the book.

Warrior Is By Robin and Harley Zephier

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